5 Tips to Increase Your YouTube Video Watch Time

5 Tips to Increase Your YouTube Video Watch Time

If you have a YouTube channel, having great content is essential.  This is to make sure that people will stay longer watching your content. But the question is, how can you keep people stay in watching your videos? And to help with that, we have prepared some useful guides that you can do to increase watch time on your channel.

What Is A Watch Time?

In the late month of 2012, the primary factor to be able to rank your videos is the number of views. And it was also updated and became the number one ranking factor for the watch time. This watch time is the amount of total time that the viewers spend watching the vlog or video. And if you have a high watch time in your videos, your channel has the more chance that YouTube can promote it. Placing it in the search and at their recommended videos. And with that promoting your channel will also give you a high chance of gaining more subscribers and viewers.

Tips to Increase Your Video Watch Time:

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Create a playlist

Having a playlist is a potential way to let your viewers stay on your channel for a long time. Organizing your videos in an exciting list is essential as your viewers will tend to click the next video on the playlist. By doing it, this will help increase the watch time on your channel. For your playlist to be optimized, you can use the start and end time function. And enumerate the in and out point in each of your videos that create a more remarkable watching experience. But if you will use a playlist feature, try to consider removing the intros and outros in your videos. It avoids to let the viewers to be annoying and might lead to them to stop watching it.

YouTube now lets you link a related video at every end of the video. This is ideal for increasing the watch time, and linking your playlist would be good. When the viewers click your linked playlist, they will be redirected to that playlist.

Have an accurate title and thumbnail according to the content

The thumbnails and titles in your videos give an impact on giving it a view and increase rankings. It is also the primary reason why viewers tend to click and watch the videos. The right combination of the titles and thumbnails are essential to help improve the watch time in your channel.

Using a clickable thumbnail is the most suggested to do so.  You also need to choose the right image that will accurately reflect the content in your video. And that will let the viewers have the preview on what they can see in the video. Create an image that will lead to the viewers to click the see more on it. You should use both the title and thumbnail in telling a mote intrigue story that leads viewers to watch it.

Use YouTube cards in your videos

YouTube cards are also ideal to use so that viewers will tend to click it to watch, and that will also lead you to have more viewers. The cards are the one who drives actionable result for the video. This will also let you create a visual component to the underlying objectives in the YouTube videos rather than the intonation and making your videos to be more interactive.

These cards will appear in any part or point of the video the audience is watching. It also includes an image, links, and content that are downloaded when the viewer clicks it.

There are also five different types of card that you can add to your videos, such as:

A playlist or video to help promote your content

A channel which it promotes another channel

A Donation card, featuring a nonprofit card. For help in promoting and encouraging to donate for a specific purpose.

A poll, this encourages the viewers to engage in the multiple-choice in the poll.

A Link this is to link into the approved website outside the YouTube.

However, for me, the most effective way is to link your other content at every end of your videos. This will also be likely to do in your most viewed videos and that after they watch, they will be interested in clicking the next.

Have your content based on the long-tail keyword of YouTube

Using a long-tail keyword in your content will help you get more people or viewers in watching our videos instead of getting competitors. You can use the suggestion feature of YouTube in identifying the keywords.  You may also use the YouTube search box to look for, which or what type of word does your target audience would likely to click.  The suggested searches on YouTube are also useful to consider, which are based on what the users want to view, not only as a random suggestion. And you can use these suggestions as your topic for your content videos.

Another way to increase your watch time may include buying youtube views either from agencies or directly from Google Adwords using YouTube direct advertising.

You also need to check your competitors’ channel for you to know what type of content they are producing and check for the keyword that they are also targeting. These can also help you with the future video’s keywords.

In the different search engines, such as Google is using their spiders to find and scan the texts that are readable from the other web. The search engine also helps in monitoring the website’s load time, links, user experience, and more. And this process is way different from YouTube. This is because they are not articles that are difficult to examine.

On YouTube, they judge the video based on the watch time they receive from the audience. And if you want to increase the watch time on your channel, you need to consider the guides that we have provided above. And through it plainly, you will have an increase in the visits and watch time, even the ranking into your channel.