6 Easy Steps to Promote your Business on Instagram

6 Easy Steps to Promote your Business on Instagram

Promoting your business on Instagram is not as hard as you think. So there are a few things you should know before we start. Instagram has become an emerging platform for brands. There are almost 25 million companies utilizing Instagram for their businesses and promote their business on Instagram. Over 200 million users visit different business profiles on Instagram every day. Instagram is home to the millions of brands because followers are loyal to the brands and engagement is really high. Therefore, Instagram is a leading and ideal platform to promote your business.

This guide will cover every aspect of how to utilize Instagram for the promotion of your business. This guide is equally helpful for both beginner and advanced Instagram users. Here are the 6 Steps to promote your business on Instagram:

Step 1: Get an Instagram business Account

There are three different ways to get an Instagram business account. You can choose any one of them which suit you most and related to your business.

1. Convert your personal Instagram account to a business account

It is the best point to get started with your business account. Do you have your personal Instagram account representing your brand-related content? If yes, then you should convert that account into your business account. After conversion, you can access all business features of Instagram. Most people think that they may lose their followers after this conversion. No, you will have all your followers and the accounts you follow. Follow these steps for conversion:

  • Login to your personal account.
  • Go to your Profile.
  • Go to Settings after taping 3 lines icon.
  • You will find an option Switch to Business Profile. Tap on it and Continue.
  • In the next step, you can interconnect the Facebook business page and Instagram business account. Although this is an optional step, we recommend you to connect these both.
  • Add your business information such as your email address, physical address and business phone number.
  • Tap Done to complete the procedure.

2. Buy An Instagram Account

If you don’t have any personal account yet, it means you will have to start from scratch. It’s a fact that businesses don’t grow overnight. If your marketing strategies are not up to the mark then it can take a long time span to grab followers.

There are many Instagram accounts for sale. You can think about to purchase such Instagram pages. To buy Instagram account is not an easy step. Before you buy an Instagram account, follow the following steps.

3. Set up an Instagram Business account from scratch

If you neither have any personal Instagram page nor want to purchase an account, then you should set up your own business account.

  • Download the app and Signup.
  • Enter your admin email address or signup through Facebook.
  • Choose your email and password and tap done.
  • Your personal Instagram will be ready and you can convert it into your business account by following different steps we have already described in details.

Step 2: Define your target audience

It is one of the most fundamental and essential steps after creating a business account on Instagram that who will be your targeted audience? Who will see your content? To what Audience on Instagram I’ll be promoting my business? Your mind must be clear about it.

After understating your audience, you should post content according to their interest. How can you know about their interest? The engagement of the audience with your post shows their interest. What if you don’t have much audience because your account is new? You should analyze your competitors post that what they share on their accounts to increase the engagement of the audience. Try this for other brands as well. You should make a regular posting schedule to improve the engagement rate.

Step 3: Set your goals and objectives

After deciding your audience, you must create an effective strategy to promote your business on Instagram. Your goals and objectives must be cleared to achieve your targets because these will keep you on the right track. Your goals should be relevant, specific, measurable and attainable in a certain time period.

These goals include likes, comments, share, and follower to achieve your real business objectives. What are these business objective? If your followers are increasing on Instagram, it means the awareness of your brand is growing. If your post grabs more likes then it means engagement rate is increasing. Furthermore, if awareness and engagement are increasing, the conversion rate must be increased. For example, if you use paid ads, conversion rate includes CPC, click-through rate and bounce rate.

Step 4: Optimize your profile

Although you add some basic information in your profile during account creation, your profile must be optimized. It will really help you to achieve your target easily.

Instagram allows you to add your bio just in 150 characters i.e. in 2 or 3 short sentences. You will have to be very selective because it will set the first impression of your brand. You should intelligently convey your brand voice, Include different hashtags because these are very important on Instagram and try emoji if possible. Furthermore, you should use line breaks and spacing to make your bio easily readable.

Your profile pic should contain the logo of your business. You should use your logo on all profiles which will be really helpful in identifying your brand instantly. Your profile should be 100% complete.

Don’t take your name and username ordinary because both of these are only researchable parts for your profile. Therefore, take a wise decision while choosing a name and username. Another important thing is to include a clickable link for your website. Lading page should contain important information related to your business.

Step 5: Utilization of Instagram business profile features

Instagram provides you numerous other features as compare to simple personal accounts. You should include all the essential information related to your business. It is very important to avail of all business features. These features include contact information such as email address, physical address and phone number so people can easily contact you. Furthermore, it includes category and call to action button as well. You should try these options too.

Step 6: Share engrossing content

You are now good to go to share your content. You have most probably listened to the term “Content is king”. If your visual content is good, it will make your brand phenomenal. Your visual should be eye-catching so that people stop scrolling to see your visuals. While capturing pictures, use natural light and try different angles. The picture should be clear and try to edit it if needed. After posting this picture, choose the best caption and hashtags related to your business.

By this tactic, it will be very effective to promote your business on Instagram.

Promoting your business on Instagram: Conclusion

You can promote your business on Instagram pages easily to boost your income. Use Metro Wage to  buy Instagram followers. Otherwise, you have another option to set up a business account by yourself. Complete your profile, share the best visuals to grab Instagram real followers. After following these steps, your business promotion will get started.