How to Make People Watch Your YouTube Content

How to Make People Watch Your YouTube Content

Today’s generation has unlocked a lot of possibilities and creations, which made life easier and much more effective. One of that is modern technology, which made turned dreams and visions into reality. With it, our lives became convenient and easier, helping us to get through in daily living and dealings.

One of the best and useful products of modern technology is YouTube. Have you heard of this before? Well, YouTube is an online platform that allows people to make, publish, share, and stream videos anytime and anywhere. It is a well-known platform that provides high-quality content that have different topics to discuss. It can be about personal life, task, job, agriculture, and so many more. Also, YouTube pays anyone who has a channel and has a lot of views. Given that, people became interested and started making their own channels. But what can be an effective way to make people watch your YouTube content?

If that so, we are giving you the answer to that. We are going to discuss your social proof and its effects on your channel. Let’s start now!

What is Social Proof?

Social Proof refers to the concept which people will use to follow the action of the masses.  It is known for another name- informational social influence. It is a social and psychological phenomenon wherein a person or people copy any action from others to undertake the behavior of that particular situation. It is an important concept since it allows the companies to take the opportunity of customer advocacy and external validation to influence potential customers. Also, it is an effective tool to use since it empowers real customers to share your story.

In connection to your YouTube channel, below are the effective ways on how to use and apply social proof in increasing the number of your content views, credibility, and conversions.

  • Use Hot Streaks to show credibility

Hot Streaks is an effective way of monitoring the total number of customers who recently took action on your channel. It is great to use for high-traffic pages such as webinar registrations, free-trial, and content opt-ins. With this, the average conversions

  • Use Live Visitor Count to create scarcity

Live Visitor Count is a tool used to monitor and show the number of current views people make on your site. It is great for offers that have an only limited inventory, such as booking, pages for event ticket selling, and physical product. With this, the average conversion can increase by up to 8%.

  • Recent Activity for a confidence boost

Confidence is an essential foundation in order to make a channel successful and reachable by potential customers. It shows the people’s live feed that is taking action in the site currently. It is best to use in high-traffic pages like webinar registrations, content opt-ins, and homepage. This can increase the average conversion of up to 10%.

Ways to Use Social Proof

Below are the ways on how to apply and use social proof in your YouTube channel.

Social Media Takeovers

We all know that social media is one big platform that is designed for endorsements and takeovers. Here, anyone or any YouTube channel owner can freely endorse their contents. This gives them more opportunities to be discovered by potential subscribers. Also, it can help them expand the influence of their channel.

Celebrity Endorsement

Another way to use social proof is on celebrity endorsement. Celebrities are well-known individuals that work on media and in front of the camera. This makes them ideal and effective endorsers of products, services, as well as YouTube websites. With the influence and fame that they have, a lot of people can be encouraged to check their endorsed channels.

Benefits of Using Social Proof

Moving on, let us continue to the benefits of using social proof on your website. Knowing these benefits can enable you to have a deeper and wider understanding of what social proof is and its effective uses to lead your website into a success.

Increased Conversion Rate

The first benefit of using social proof is that it helps increase the conversion rate of your YouTube channel. Having an increased conversion rate can help your channel to be more discoverable and effective.

More Subscribers

Another benefit that it can provide is an increased number of your channel’s subscribers. With lots of subscribers, there will be more views and comments that can help push your channel into success. Subscribers are not just the typical viewers of a video, and they are the foundation which makes way for you to have more credibility and conversion rates.

More Contents to Make

The last benefit that we’ll provide from having social proof in your channel is that it can help you make more content. Since you have a lot of subscribers, this can push you to create more content that may come from their suggestions or just what you want.

Pulse: The Leading Social Proof Tool

If you are not yet able to find the best social proof tool to support your channel, Pulse can be the best for you. This tool can help you increase the conversion and credibility of your site. It is an effective and recommended software that has been trusted by over 20,000 websites.

Aside from that, here are the reasons why you need to trust Pulse, among others.

  • Easy to Set-up: Simply copy, then paste the pixel of Pulse into your site’s header.
  • Beautiful Analytics: The true impact of this software on your sales and leads is seen on the dashboard.
  • Custom Settings: Change the position, timing, and rules of display for each campaign.
  • Fast Freaky Load Speed:  The javascript of Pulse is guarantee lightweight and loads every after the first load of your page’s content.
  • Zapier Integration: Via Zapier and custom webhook, you can send conversion events from the CMCs.
  • A/B Testing: To know and see the impact on conversion, you can split the traffic percentage that is able to see Pulse.

That is all for the discussion of how to increase your YouTube viewers by using social proof. Always remember that being consistent and patient with your accounts is the key to achieve success. The perfect time will come for you and for your channel to be successful. Just trust the process.