How to Monetize Your YouTube Channel

How to Monetize Your YouTube Channel

Today, YouTube is more than just a form of entertainment. You can use it to post and share the content of any sort and earn from them. Many have been taking advantage of this trend. Who knows what your luck holds? And if you’re here to learn effective ways on how to monetize your YouTube channel, we’ve got everything you need!

What Does Monetizing Mean?

First of all, what do we mean by monetizing? Let’s just say you want to upload contents or promote something (e.g., business, product, or services) and generate money at the same time. This is called monetizing. You make instant cash for the videos you publish. Viewers usually see ads before, alongside, or after the clip. That is how monetizing also works.

Though YouTube sets strict criteria for which content is qualified to produce money, there’s one most important thing to remember: the whole video must be completely your own intellectual right. Meaning to say NO single content has been copied from other clips. What if you shot alone, but the video or audio has been copyrighted from either the stereo or television? Or the contents you’ve used have a bit of original creativity yet still include copyrighted content? YouTube won’t still qualify you to monetize your work.

Why Should You Consider Monetizing Your Channel?

Now let’s talk about the benefits. Earning money is just the beginning. What other factors that may convince you to monetize your channel? Take a look at these…

Get extra exposure:This specifically applies if you’ve decided to be a YouTube partner as the videos appear at the top of search results. Hence, providing you further exposure. This may prevent your content from being lost among the pool of other videos that live on the site.

Reach worldwide audience:YouTube is highly regarded as the biggest online video community. So, reaching a global audience is possible. What you should do now is continue creating more clips to impress your increasing number of audience.

Earn money:Thanks to the built-in ad system of YouTube, you can generate cash once you publish your first video. Of course, you cannot expect to earn huge immediately, but have confidence that those small figures will eventually add up.

How to Monetize Your YouTube Channel

It seems like the YouTube monetization channel is really your thing. How should you get started? Here are some alternatives for you!


Here, you can work with advertisers (also known as YouTube stars) or be an advertiser yourself.

Cooperate with bloggers with a solid number of subscribers ranging from thousands to millions to promote your clips and thus get more income from it. Otherwise, be an advertiser. It works by placing an advertised product somewhere in the background so that your viewers will immediately see them while watching your video.

YouTube Partner Program

As long as you have at least 10,000 views and your YouTube channel has a good reputation in the Community Guidelines, you can apply for a YouTube Partner Program. Once approved, choose which videos you’d prefer to monetize: Sponsored Video Ads, Display Ads, Overlay Ads, or Skippable Video Ads.

Business or Product/Service Promotions

Alternatively, promote business or products or services to earn money. Specifically ideal if you have a small business, e-commerce shop, or a freelancer. Create and publish content associated with your brand. A simple monetization alternative since YouTube doesn’t implement strict requirements regarding this. Though, there aren’t merch cards or links of any kind to be directed in your video.

Sell Merchandise

Take advantage of YouTube’s Merch Shelf. It permits qualified channels to sell their official branded merchandise directly on this platform. The shelf may not appear on all of your video pages, though. To be qualified, you need to meet certain requirements, such as having at least 10,000 subscribers and being approved for monetization.  

Affiliate Marketing

Another solidearning opportunity that offers perceptive product reviews and in-depth tutorials is through affiliate links. For instance, you can earn commissions by the manufactures or producers if you recommend a certain product, and a user clicks the referral link for acquisition purposes.

Crowdfunding/Fan Funding

It works by encouraging your loyal fans or subscribers to crowdfund your YouTube channel so as to help fund your new content and profit. Indiegogo, Patreon, Tipee, and Kickstarter are among the approved crowdfunding platforms that can help thrust awarenessto your campaigns. Just continue creating entertaining, interesting, and high-value clips, and you’ll surely be amazed at how crowdfunding/fan funding really works.  


If you have already won the loyalty of your audience, why not become an influencer? Perhaps, an Amazon influencer may fit well to your requirements. Join the program to make money and maximize your social media presence through Amazon recommendations. You can earn around eight to ten percent of commissions. 

Channel Membership

This money-making strategy works if you’re creating high-quality videos and have lots of subscribers. You should comply with eligibility requirements too. First, you need to be eighteen years old, and above must be residing in an available region/area and has 30,000 subscribers. Memberships will include things such as live chat, videos, etc.

Content Licensing

Another monetizing opportunity for those who love producing quality clips is content licensing. Assuming you have created a viral video (e.g., funny clip), you can license that contentin exchange for money. Media networks could contact you about the right to use your videos. Submit your videos on a platform such as Junkin Media to start with.

Super Stickers & Super Chat

The YouTube Partner Program facilitates this. Just like other users, you can also use Super Stickers and Super Chat as a likelihood to promote your channel or brands and earn impressive money later on. There are also requirements to follow, like having more than 1,000 subscribers and living in an available location.

So, ready to monetize your YouTube channel?

The amount of money you can make merely depends on your video quality, subscribers count, engagement rates, popularity, etc. Your first step is using any of these monetization options and start maximizing your income potential!