How to Successfully Promote Your YouTube Videos

How to Successfully Promote Your YouTube Videos

When browsing through multi-layers of videos on YouTube, do you still watch content even if it has low view counts or zero views at all? Well, it may depend on your curiosity level, but most of the time, people tend to ignore it and go to content with higher views. That’s why you should know how to promote YouTube videos effectively; otherwise, be ready to lose everything you’ve invested into just to create good videos.

Worry not – we have compiled some smart, proven ways to promote your content. Take a look at them below!

Why promoting your YouTube videos is crucial?

The key to YouTube success is to convert current viewers into loyal fans and reach a new set of audiences. And, one way to attain these is through the efficient promotion of all the video contents you make.

Particularly if you own a product or service, video marketing can be one of your most profitable and versatile marketing tools. It builds trust, encourages social share, increases conversions and sales, and explains everything that a simple post cannot highlight.

Ways You Can Promote Your Content

Are you excited to get off those zero or low views as fast as possible? You sure do! Promoting your clips has tons of benefits, and it is definitely worth the risk. Here’s how to start!

Make your channel SEO-friendly

YouTube has a search algorithm where the videos are ranked automatically—making your videos SEO will give you a strong edge. The length of the video, title tags, description tag, comments, tag, and reactions are some important ranking factors you need to pay attention to. Perform keyword research, make a script, add clickable annotations, and make videos with the right length (preferably 2 to 5 minutes video).

Use intriguing titles and relevant tags

The titles of your clips are a sought-after deciding factor between being shared and widely seen. Just keep them straightforward and short while making them curiosity-awakening. Use emotional trigger words and power words (e.g., incredible, awesome, sensual, or passionate).

Moreover, tags promote further video boost. Use a distinctly branded tag as well as those in your content or used by high ranking videos.

Be creative with your thumbnails

The rule of thumb indicates that your thumbnails should be relevant to your content. Also, use text and faces. Have a resolution of 1280 by 720, keep it below 2MB, and upload in either .BMP, .GIF, .PNG, or .JPG.

Cross-promote with other social platforms

Leverage your other social media accounts to let the people know about your amazing content. For Facebook and Twitter, simply pin it at the top. Pinterest and LinkedIn will allow you to share videos, so it’s also a good idea to go there. 

Use calls to action

Give your audience the voice to share your content by using calls to action at the end of your video or somewhere in the middle. Encourage them to check out other videos you have published, like and share the content, have fun discussions in the comment section, and subscribe.

Consider using a YouTube Playlist

This tool will let you organize content into various groups. So, always take time to add a newly uploaded video in a playlist from your channel. What makes this tool highly recommended for gaining more views is that it can be found with the search engine plus viewers will make it easier to binge-watch your clips.

Embed your videos

Not only can you embed your videos in blogs but also in arrives and web pages. This will help on-page SEO as well as builds a topnotch users experience for visitors that will engage with your article or blog content. Make sure the public embedding is enabled, though.

Benefit from the power of other creators in your field

Why not conduct an interview with some of the influencers or popular creators in your niche? This is specifically ideal if you’re looking for a special type of content. Although, don’t just acquire the help of someone you know. He or she should meet the credentials fitted to your target audience – someone they admire, trust, and follow.

Engage in the YouTube community

Another step for promoting YouTube videos is to connect with the viewers through the YouTube community. It’s free! Simply upload the video, and people will start liking, leaving a comment, and sharing it with others. Try to be actively engaged with the audience to keep them intact.

Partner up with other channels

Find a channel that is about your size or could be quite bigger. Then, produce an astonishing video together. Posting this clip on another channel means getting your content and your own YouTube channel in front of thousands or even millions of new people. Such a vast opportunity you should be leveraging now!

Tell your email list

Of course, don’t forget your email subscribers! Spread the news about your YouTube videos to your email list whenever you publish fresh content. Do this by sending a link directly to your watch page. You can add a description and an appealing thumbnail or screenshot emails. Use a call to action if you like.

Advertise via AdWords for Video program 

Google AdWords is a paid promotion that enables your videos to appear at the top of YouTube’s search results and of the suggested videos panel as well as before videos. It will help you reach your ideal audience. If you’re running a business and want to separate your content to reach custom demographics in different geographical locations, AdWords is what you need.

Contests or giveaways

Well, who doesn’t want free stuff? Here, you have several options. Either encourage your audience to submit their entry videos or simply motivate them to subscribe to your YouTube channel in exchange for an awesome giveaway or prize.

Ready To Get More Views and, Ultimately, More Subscribers?

Keep in mind that good quality content is still the most crucial element you will have. So, make sure to always produce highly informational video content before working on these promotional ideas.