How To Use Your YouTube Video Metatags Like A Pro

How To Use Your YouTube Video Metatags Like A Pro

If you think that making remarkable video content is the hardest part to do as a YouTuber, you are wrong. The truth is, getting people or the target audience to watch your videos is. While a blogger does what it takes to get more traffic on their blog, a YouTuber must work on the videos of their video content. And the best way for YouTubers to achieve such a goal is to optimize your YouTube video tags.

YouTube tags are an essential consideration when uploading a video on YouTube. The specification of a video is a must. It merely means that a description of your video using keywords is necessary. You might wonder why there is a need for such or if YouTube is not capable of figuring those details out. Unfortunately, with its advanced algorithms, it cannot.

Types of Youtube Tag

Talking about YouTube tags, there are 3 different tags for their own purposes. These are the specific compound and generic tags. The specific tags, as its name suggests, are keywords that are pertaining specifically to your video content. Usually, it only has 1 keyword tag. On the other hand, compound tags are composed of two words. Some people would even go as far as putting the full title of the video as tags. And yes, it also includes prepositions. But do not waste your time adding these because it will not help in your keyword optimization.

Lastly, the generic tags are usually descriptions of the whole video summarized in one or two words. These tags are tags that you use across all your videos. It can be your niche or the name of your website.

With 500 hours video being uploaded every minute, you will realize how stiff the competition is among contents. Hence, you, as a content creator, must inform the YouTube algorithm about your video by the use of related tags to get a higher ranking. It is only synonymous that when you choose and use better tags, you have a higher chance to rank higher and amass more views.

Optimizing your video using meta tags helps you as a content creator to reach more people and also helps potential viewers discover your video content. But it is not a smart move to use insignificant tags just because they are high traffic. In the long run, YouTube will know about it, and you will be penalized for doing such. Thus, it is of great importance to research the meta tags that you are going to use, position the most vital tag first, and utilize as many as you can.

While there is no limit in using a tag in your YouTube video, it is not wise to include numerous and irrelevant tags. Educated tagging is what every YouTube creator must be doing.

Brand-Specific Tags

Using a tag that bears your name or your business’ name is letting potential viewers know that you exist. You will want your name to be searchable on Google and YouTube. So, by self-referencing, you are not just optimizing your video but also putting the word out about your business.

Some of the tips that can guide you in line with brand-specific tags are as follow:

– Avoid being too broad. Again, numerous videos are being uploaded every minute on YouTube. You are competing with not just your competitors but the other content creators that are out there with the same goal that you have. Hence, it is not a good move to be in the “universal result” of YouTube, so much more on Google. So, aim to be at the top search by being specific with your tags relating to your brand.

– Use the name that your audience knows you by. You can also opt for possible variations of your brand, BUT never far from it. You do not want to confuse your audience, which is which or if you have another branding that they may not know.

YouTube Auto-Suggest

You can also use YouTube auto-suggest to your advantage. By testing the YouTube search option and checking the suggestions when you click on it, you will realize that there are already curated random keywords that most people look for in line with a specific topic.

When you type on YouTube search, some suggestions will come out that are related to the keyword that you are searching for. It means that other people are also searching for those possible keywords being suggested. Thus, it is a good idea that you can use those tags so you can even rank when those keywords are being searched.

YouTube Keyword Search Tool

Another tool that proves to be beneficial for you is the YouTube keyword suggestion tool. It will provide you with relevant and extracted keywords derived from competitors’ videos. The tool will create suggestions based on the term that you would like to use.

YouTube Tag Generator

If you want to spend less time brainstorming and do tag research faster, you can use a YouTube tag generator such as A word of caution, though, while you may have the liberty to generate numerous keywords using or other YouTube tag generator tools, it is also best to identify and stick with the most relevant core tags that you can build upon on. It will be a hassle for you and the algorithm of YouTube if you are going to bombard it with hundreds of tags with the hopes of ranking in all keywords that you may find.

Some tips in using tag generators also include:

Omitting “stop” words, especially articles such as a, an, and the. It will not help in the success of your YouTube tags.

For better results, it is best to go for the plural variant of the similar phrase that you are to use as a tag.

Specific Tags

Talking about algorithms, you can narrow down the search for your video by using specific tags that will allow your viewers to look for your videos at once.

YouTube meta tags with graph

By learning and perfecting the YouTube meta tags, you will notice how it can help you in the long run. It will let potential viewers Know about your content, and you will get more views in no time.