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If you are buying: Followers - Profile link (We don’t accept Invite links or private account) Likes - Post link (Make sure your account is NOT on private ) Comments - Post link ( Make sure your account is NOT on private ) Youtube Subscribers (Channel link) Youtube Views (Video link)

You need to understand that we have different services with different pricing on the website depending on your budget. We have the CHEAPEST FOLLOWERS, GUARANTEED AND NON DROP EXPENSIVE FOLLOWERS ( PREMIUM ) -They all have different pricing for the same quantity, expect more drops if you use the cheapest follower, expect less drops if you use the Guaranteed section, expect NON DROP if you use the NON DROP EXPENSIVE. -If you experience a drop while using the non drop expensive, check and be sure if you have not used the cheapest or guaranteed for that same account, if you have, it is definitely those ones still dropping.

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